Chinese Business Cultur


prepare yourself by reading some aspects of Chinese language, culture, history, and geography. If you use a few words in Chinese, your initiative will be noticed and appreciated.

First Name or Title?

Most people should be addressed with a title and their last name. If a person does not have a professional title, use Mr. Madam. Miss, plus the last name.

Public Behavior

The Chinese will sometimes nod as an initial greeting. Handshakes are also popular, you can wait for your Chinese counterpart to initiate the gesture.


You´ll find it beneficial to bring your own interpreter, if possible, to help you understand the subtleties of everything being said during meetings.

Business cards

The Chinese are very keen about exchanging businness cards, the main point of exchanging business cards is to determine who will be the key decision-makers on your side.

Many ways to say no

Chinese have many ways to say no without saying the word “no” directly. Because the word “no” is such strong word that hurt ones feeling and caus embarrassment.


If you wish to give a gift, do it in the context of friendship, not business, and all business negotiations should be concluded before gifts are exchanged.

Making appointments

When scheduling your appointments, be sensitive to holidays such as Chinese New Year or the National Day, many besinesses will be closed for up to a week during this period.


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