Made in China?

Noah´s Ark and the Chinese character “boat”

I read in Wikipedia that the vessel which called “Ark” were divided into rooms on three floors, these was used for humans and animals, as well as storerooms. In the boat there were eight persons, Noah and his wife, their three sons with their wives.

Noah’s ark is the vessel that acc. Book of Genesis in the Bible, was built by Noah at God’s command. Genesis was be written some time between 1250-950 BC.

Let’s now see how the Chinese characters for the boat looks like.

The character was from the time between 1100-256 BC. The left side looks like a boat with three rooms, and the right side consist of “eight mouth”, but that also means “eight persons” in chinese.

The characters were from the period between 221-207 BC.

It is character we write today, pronounced “chuan”

I dare not draw any conclusion, it was perhaps acoincidence, or maybe Chinese people also knew the story of Noah. But the left part of this charater which looks like a boat, has found at  time between 1600-1100 BC.

Then they looked like this:

Yes, there were several different varieties, there was no standardization of characters until the First Emperor united China. (221-206 BC)

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